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Bazel Client

This guide covers what features are available in the Exafunction client distribution, which is a tarball intended for Bazel users who want to use Exafunction as a dependency in their own projects. This allows you to link your own versions of dependencies and easily integrate with your C++ code.


  • Client tarball unpacked into third-party folder or included in http_archive
  • Client tarball integrated into Bazel WORKSPACE
  • Test compiling kitti_demo client application

The Exafunction team should have provided you with a file resembling something like:

Download this file and unpack it in third_party/exafunction_dist or include it as an http_archive in your WORKSPACE or other file included by your WORKSPACE.

Setting up your WORKSPACE file is documented here.

To test that the client builds properly, run the following command to build and run the demo client application:

bazel run -- @com_exafunction_dist//:kitti_demo --help


Image rules

Documentation for Bazel macros which generate image rules can be found here.

A general guide of when and how to create and specify custom images is here.